About the Artist

“Influitive Art” came to life in order to allow the creation of art with an ever changing flow and often intuitive healing intention. I often use a lot of crystals and/or gemstones to amplify the vibrational energy in my artwork. Therefore, when choosing a piece, whether based on the emotion felt, or simply the look, you know that it was made with uttermost love, attention, and positive intentions. 
That was the short version. You want to know a little bit more about me? Well, let’s start in the beginning then... 
I was born and raised in the small community of Grande-Digue, New Brunswick on the East Coast of Canada. My childhood home had a beautiful forested backyard, large bright flowerbeds in the front, an oversized garden on the side, and a few minutes drive away was the open ocean with its beautiful beaches. Needless to say, nature has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve spent many hours admiring, listening to, meditating with, and connecting with not only its beauty, but also its natural grounding energy and healing properties. Its blissful vibes never cease to amaze me, still to this day. 
A lot of people may not realize this about me, but I’m highly energy sensitive. This is a beautiful gift, but I’ve also known it to be a challenge at times. I’ve fought battles with anxiety and depression, and I’ve had to equip myself with plenty of tools to get through life. I have taken courses in many energy healing therapies including Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch, Crystal Therapy, and Sound Healing to name a few. I wanted to help myself, but in the process learned that I also loved to help others. Anything energy and vibration related never ceases to amaze me.
Being an empath, I’ve always been guided strongly on my path through life, and the road to creating art is no exception. 
I'm a self-taught artist. Having had different outlets throughout my life, focussing mainly on face and body painting since 2010. In 2016, my brushes hit a non-body canvas for the first time, and I quickly felt this was my true calling! I feel like I can finally mix my favourite passions being nature, energy healing, crystals, and art.
The mediums I use are mostly acrylic, resin, alcohol ink and mixed media, but I love texture and experimenting, so the list will surely grow. My creations are often influenced by the beauty of nature that leaves me awestruck. The ocean and its flowing beaches, shimmering crystals and their natural formations, trees and flowers, and so much more are all sources of inspiration.
My artwork and jewelry often include crystals and/or gemstones, all of which are fully cleansed, charged, and hold an intention when added to a piece. My logo, which represents the journey from healing hand to brush, brings you around and back to your heart centre, where we all need to be. I truly believe that the art chooses its owner, providing what you need, whether you are aware of it or not. I feel that art in itself is healing, no matter what it’s composed of, since it evokes emotions, and my creations are no different; if anything, that effect is amplified! 
I strive to offer unique pieces with texture and depth that make you want to touch it, feel it, and bring you joy, peace, calm, and happiness. I feel that there is a relationship and vibration between the artist and the piece that is given life, and this vibration sustains itself afterwards, shared with those who engage with it. Unlike most artists, I encourage people to delicately touch my artwork. I'm extremely grateful that I can share with you the visual depth, beauty and high vibrational pure positive loving energy of my creations. 
I honestly feel like my whole life has prepared me for and lead me to where I am today. My current home, where I live with my beautiful children and partner, is still in Grande-Digue quietly nestled in the middle of the forest. It is my happy place, my "Zen Zone". My home studio has become a space to listen to music, get lost in time, and truly allow my creativity to flow... it's absolutely euphoric for me. 
So if you’re still reading, you’re either as patient or as passionate about art (or reading) as I am! I can't wait to see where this flow of art keeps leading me. It's already expanded from canvas to jewelry to homewares, and who knows what's next? "Influitive Art" (as in intuitively flowing art) has found its place. 
Photo credit: Natalie Leger (instagram: solis_et_umbra)